Common Signs Your Dentures Need Repair

April 19, 2024
Dentures repair process

Are you being more cautious when choosing your meals and snacks because you’re worried about the state of your dentures? Have you been hearing or noticing different clicks or movements suggesting your denture may not be quite right in your mouth? Do you know what that could mean or what you should do about that?

The following issues outlined are indicators that you might need a denture repair soon. Understanding that something has changed and having it corrected can help you achieve good oral health and ensure a better quality of life. Read on to learn about the most common problems that occur with dentures, so that you can ensure your smile matches your confidence and comfort moving forward.

Difficulty Chewing

One of the earliest signs that your dentures/partial dentures need attention is when you have trouble chewing comfortably, or your dentures/ partial dentures are very loose. This can indicate a variety of issues, from wear of denture teeth and or your gums and tissues have changed in your mouth over time.

Long-term difficulties like these can lead to further problems, from sores, infections, not being able to eat what you want, lack of confidence in social settings, and even damage to other teeth. As such, you should look into maintaining your dentures as soon as you can if this occurs.

Cracks & Clicks

These sounds won’t only be heard by you. They are often audible to others. Requiring you to make an appointment with your denturist so you feel more comfortable physically and in social situations.

In the best-case scenario, these sounds may suggest you have a poor denture fit. If this is the case, you can have them adjusted, or relined usually in 1 appointment.

Overtime it may suggest your dentures have an immediate need for repair or replacement. Ignoring your denture issues will result in the problem to worsen over time, requiring a need for more extensive repairs or having to get your dentures replaced. It is important to seek out professional help from a registered denturist promptly.

Cracked Denture Base

A cracked denture base is unsafe as it can cut your gums, or tongue when wearing it. While it often occurs due to dropping or stepping on your dentures, or from its past expiry date. Chewing or biting on hard foods over time can also be common reasons for this type of issue. 

Cracks can create sharp edges that may widen and cause discomfort in your mouth. Make sure you act to prevent or repair cracks whenever possible to avoid pain and discomfort, or to avoid having to get a new denture set.

Growing Gum Irritation

If you start to feel pain or discomfort when you wear dentures, it is an indication of a larger problem. This can include a poor fit, cracks you may not have seen, or other damage to the dentures themselves. Make sure to visit your denturist at Integral Denture Centre before the problem gets worse and can cause you pain, or long-term harm to your gums and oral health.

Ongoing Bad Breath

Persistent issues with bad breath odor can be a sign of poor denture hygiene, or bacteria building up on your tongue. Always use denture cleaner and fresh water to soak your denture overnight. Let your gums rest and be denture free every day to allow for blood flow in your tissues. Brush your gums, tongue, and dentures daily.

Top Denture Clinic and Expert Denturist Team in Vancouver

If you have noticed any of the previous signs or issues with your dentures, act and contact your denturist to start the denture adjustment, reline, or repair process. At Integral Denture Clinic in Vancouver, we can help solve your denture problems with quality repairs and denture solutions. We understand the importance of regular maintenance on your partial/full dentures to help with your optimal oral health and comfort.

Don’t let denture problems get in the way of you enjoying simple pleasures in your life.

Contact us today, and set up a time for an immediate consultation at Integral Denture Centre. Take the step toward a happier life with no concerns about your dentures.

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