Denture Repairs in Vancouver

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Denture Repair Services in Vancouver, BC

At Integral Denture Centre, we understand how much you rely on your dentures to go about your daily routine. Problems with your dentures can affect the way you eat and speak. For this reason, we offer quick, efficient and hassle-free denture repairs in Vancouver for our clients. When it comes to dentures, there is very little that we don't do. We have years of experience in offering denture services, which allows us to repair yours with expertise. Our centre is outfitted with the latest technology, and we have the know-how to serve you.

Dentures are typically meant to withstand wear and tear. However, usage can lead to a range of issues, such as cracked bases, broken teeth, pulled-out teeth, discomfort while wearing and more. We will provide you with top-quality repairs, regardless of the reason for damage.

Please contact us if you require denture repairs in Vancouver. You can view our gallery to find out more about us.

Our Denture Repair Services

Our onsite dental lab with some notice can do same day and or next day denture repair services. If your denture has a chipped or broken tooth, or cracks, we can help by adding new teeth or acrylic as needed to get you smiling again.

The Denture Repair Process

We follow a straightforward approach when repairing your denture. It includes the following steps:

  • Realigning the broken denture
  • Supporting and retaining the denture
  • Creating the impression cast
  • Preparing the cast and placing the denture

Would you like to know more about our denture repair in Vancouver? Please contact us today. We offer convenient options for financing.

Denture Repair Services in Vancouver, BC
Denture Repair Services in Vancouver, BC


For a Better Fit
Over time, usually 2-3 years after having your dentures made, your gums and bone can shrink, and your denture may start to feel loose. A reline allows us to retrofit your dentures usually the same day so they will fit better and not be loose. We take an impression with your denture and our onsite lab will add new acrylic to your existing denture. This way you won’t need to use denture adhesive unless you do not have enough supportive bone on your ridges.

We Are Proud to Be Partnered With Integral Dental Lab

Integral Denture Centre is proud to be partnered with Integral Dental Lab. Together we can offer our patients same day service plus the power of the Integral commitment to quality and service.