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Comprehensive Digital Denture Services

At Integral Denture Centre, we make dentures that fit your mouth, lifestyle, personality, and budget in 2-4 appointments. We provide an exceptional experience fully equipped with  innovative technology, and a comfortable atmosphere. Our professional approach is to listen to your concerns and curate treatment options that appeal to your needs and desired outcomes.

Process for Acquiring Dentures

The complete process is as follows:
Initial consultation

The journey to acquiring dentures begins with an initial consultation where patients discuss their oral health history, concerns, and expectations with the Denturist. A comprehensive oral examination, assessment of the oral environment and discuss the most suitable denture options tailored to your individual needs.

Customized treatment plan

Based on the evaluation, a personalized treatment plan outlines the recommended denture type, materials, and procedures. This plan serves as a roadmap, guiding patients through each process stage, ensuring transparency, and setting expectations for the journey ahead.

Denture fittings

Following the initial consultation, preliminary impressions or digital scans of the oral environment are taken. Pictures are taken, and if you have any personal pictures from a smile that you would like, as well as bring in your current dentures to discuss possible changes or if you want similar look.

Final Impression and Bite Registration

On your second appointment we will take final impressions inside a 3D custom printed tray, as well as a bite registration, choose possible colours of teeth, and take morepictures for our virtual denture set up.

Try- In

This is where we have put all the information together and have a created 3D printed prototype denture. Iit will be a tooth colour monochrome denture for try-in. Itis made from a printed resin and will feel like your final denture. This is where we discuss the small details and make the final adjustments if necessaryon aesthetics and function before we complete your Denture.

Finalization and placement

Once the dentures are milled or printed, a final fitting session is scheduled to ensure proper fit, comfort, and function. If small adjustments are needed to ensure comfort this is when that would take place. Ensuring you leave happy and confident. You will receive a care package and instructions.

Follow-up care

Regular follow-up appointments are essential to monitor oral health, assess denture fit and function, and address any concerns or adjustments. Maintaining routine dental visits and adhering to recommended care instructions ensure your dentures' longevity, comfort, and performance, preserving oral health and satisfaction.

By following this structured process and embracing ongoing care, patients can confidently navigate their denture journey, ensuring optimal outcomes, comfort, and satisfaction with their new smile.

For more information on denture care, maintenance, and frequently asked questions, please check our FAQ page.

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Our Advanced Digital Denture Services

Integral Denture Centre has invested in the latest innovations, like Intraoral Scanning, Live Denture Simulation, Milled and Printed Dentures, Partial Dentures, Implant Dentures, & Transitional Flippers, that offer a natural look and fit into your everyday lifestyle. These industry-leading technologies enable us to provide our patients with a range of specialized denture services.

Accurate fit

Natural look & feel


Fewer appointments

Intraoral scanning

Digital file storage

Friendly staff

In-house dental lab

Payment plans

Insurance accepted

3D Printed Dentures Services in Vancouver, BC

3D Printed Dentures

We design your digital dentures virtually and 3D print a try-in with a monochromatic tooth colour. Once adjustments have been made and you are satisfied with the look and fit of your dentures, we 3D print your final dentures using an on-site high-quality Carbon printer, ensuring your new dentures fit perfectly to your gums. These dentures are our standard dentures and they can last 5-7 years with annual check-ups and regular denture maintenance.
Milled Dentures Services in Vancouver, BC

Milled Dentures

We use the latest 3D printing technology to create custom dentures to imitate your natural teeth. After you're satisfied with the results, we use our in-house, 5-axis German PM7 mill to fabricate your new premium dentures with a perfect fit. Milled dentures are made from a durable and resilient PMMA acrylic known as a denture puck and may need to be replaced every 5-7 years with annual check – ups and regular denture maintenance.
Try-In Dentures Services in Vancouver, BC

Copy Dentures

Our innovative technology allows us to copy your old dentures, improve the fit, and 3D print or mill a new set. This process saves you time and gives you a new smile in just two visits. If you lose your dentures, we keep your virtual scans on file for 3 years to provide a new pair quickly, eliminating the need for multiple appointments.
Acrylic/Flexible Partial Dentures Services in Vancouver, BC

Acrylic/Flexible Partial Dentures

Acrylic or flexible partial dentures are made from nylon or acrylic materials and are used to replace missing teeth. These are ideal for people who are transitioning to implants or a more permanent durable metal partial denture. They are comfortable, affordable, and flattering. However, the flexible material is fragile, stains more easily, cannot be repaired and requires replacement every two to three years.
Immediate Dentures Services in Vancouver, BC

Immediate Dentures/Partial Dentures

Using 3D printing and milling technologies, we can create immediate dentures for patients with a single tooth, to several or all natural teeth to be removed. Immediate dentures support patients until their gums are healed and ready for their permanent fixture. As the gums heal we will need to modify and adjust your denture until healing has completed usually 6 months. Once the gums have healed your final denture can me fabricated.
Lower Suction Dentures Services in Vancouver, BC

Lower Suction Dentures

If your lower dentures are loose and you are not eligible for lower dental implants, lower-suction dentures are an effective alternative. Suction dentures are virtually designed, 3D printed or milled in our in-house lab. They require additional appointments to evaluate your oral anatomy and relining every 1-2 years. You can eat and speak without the worry that your dentures will shift.
Implant on Dentures Services in Vancouver, BC

Dentureson Implants

Two are available: implant-retained dentures on a milled bar, andan implant tissue-supported denture. These dentures work with dental implants and are designed to give you a seamless fit, optimal comfort, and functionality. The Denturist will provide you knowledgeable insight and be able to show you samples on both options. These dentures may need replacing every 3-5 years.
Denture Repairs & Relines Services in Vancouver, BC

Denture Repairs & Relines

Our on-site lab Integral Dental Lab can deliver same-day or next-day denture repair services with minimal notice. If your dentures are compromised by cracks, chips, broken teeth, loose, we can remedy the problem by adding new teeth or acrylic.

Over time, your gums and bones may shrink, causing your dentures to be ill-fitting and uncomfortable, requiring you to get a denture reline. An impression will be taken, and our on-site lab will add acrylic to your dentures to secure a proper fit.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is an innovative tool used to enhance the diagnostic vision of a dental provider and the predictability of their patient's treatment. It comprehensively analyzes the patient's facial and dental proportions using videos, photographs, and temporary mock-ups to create an effective treatment plan that restores a patient’s smile to its optimal form and function.

The Benefits of Digital Dentures

Using our innovative digital denture technology, Integral Denture Centre provides patients with natural-looking, hypoallergenic dentures that feel like their original teeth, enhancing their smile and self-esteem and allowing them to regain the full function of their smile. Digital dentures require fewer appointments, and all the materials and procedures are produced in our in-house dental lab, with the additional benefit of digital file storage.

Our Products

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Integral Denture Centre is the most reliable and effective denture clinic, as we simplify treatment options so you can choose a solution tailored to your needs. We use innovative denture technology and equipment. Our dentures are manufactured in our in-house dental lab, ensuring quality and artistry. We can complete and submit insurance claims on your behalf and offer payment options from a third-party provider. We provide patients with exceptional digital dental services that offer undeniably beautiful results. Let us restore your confidence and smile with our professional, innovative team and technology. Contact Integral Denture Centre today to discuss your digital dental services and denture needs.

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