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Digital Dentures At Integral

We Help Great People Get Great Dentures

These Aren't Your Grandparent's Dentures

Whether it's a digital or conventional denture, our technology and expertise ensures you get a quality set of dentures every time.

Using 3D scanning and software, the process of denture design can now be fully digitized.

This control gives us the ability to make any changes used by traditional techniques and allows for fewer appointments.

Lower Suction Denture Vancouver

The Benefits Of Digital Dentures

Fully Customized

Getting the right fit leads to a more natural-looking smile.

Renewed Confidence

Love smiling again knowing that you're covered with excellent dentures.

Fewer Visits

We keep a scan of your mouth on file preventing the need for new impressions all the time.


We use a material that prevents plaque build up, gum irritation, and helps keep your breath fresher throughout the day.

We've Got The Right Dentures For You

Partial Denture Vancouver, Partial Denture Clinic

Partial Denture

Your customized dentures will blend beautifully with your gums so your dentures will be virtually invisible.

Lower Suction Denture Vancouver

Lower Suction Denture

Love your dentures with this new approach. You get a lower denture that is more stable so you don't have to worry about using adhesives.

Dentures On Implants Vancouver

Dentures On Implants

These dentures are like having natural teeth again. They improve your quality of life, protecting you from any potential embarrassing situations.

Digital Dentures Vancouver, Digital Dentures Clinic

Digital Dentures

With digital technology we can create a set of dentures that look and feel exactly like real teeth.

We Also Offer:

- Over dentures on implants
- Conventional dentures
- Immediate dentures
- Partial denture on implants
- Repairs and Relines

We Get It Right The First Time

Our digital process means a better experience for everyone. We'll have a digital file of your mouth that can never be lost. For you, that means fewer physical impressions.
It is a new day for people needing dentures.

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